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When the builders have left the site, your new build or refurbished property will need a deep clean before you can shift in.
If you are developing property for resale, a meticulous clean will always be necessary. When you hire Bucklands Cleaning Service our qualified and reliable team will ensure that your sale price is reflected in the immaculate state of your properties.

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Professionals With Expert Knowledge

Bucklands Cleaning Services are your cleaning new builds Auckland experts. Because we have extensive experience in the building trade ourselves, we understand that when you are looking to hire a team for cleaning new builds Auckland wide, you will be dealing with specialised requirements. You can order a quality Builders Wash or Construction Cleaning Service with us that will ensure you finish up every project to a professional standard.

We work across new builds, renovation sites, and commercial build cleanups. Bucklands ensures streamlined finishing, so when you open up to prospective tenants or buyers, your build is going to be looking its best every time. Bucklands Cleaning Service, put cleaning new builds Auckland in our hands for quality results.

What’s Involved In Cleaning New Builds Auckland?

Bucklands Cleaning Services will tailor your New Build Clean to your specific requirements, each project is unique, and we will vary your quote according to the scale of the project.
What You May Need With A New Build Clean

Dust and finger marks shifted from skirting boards, cupboards, draws, shelving, doors, light switches, electrical points, handles, hinges, ceilings, doorframes, walls. Removal of grout haze, paint spots, plaster spray, and the removal of stickers. All glass, doors, windows, and mirrors cleaned and polished.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings, chrome polishing, and kitchen appliance detailing. Tiles and all flooring including staircases and elevators, scrubbed, vacuumed, buffed and mopped. Polishing of all woodwork, metal surfaces, appliances, handrails and bannisters. Ventilation ducts, heat pumps, and radiators cleared and cleaned.

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