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When it comes to office cleaning Auckland wide a meticulous clean is more important now than ever. When you hire Bucklands Cleaning Service our qualified and reliable team will ensure that your billing reflects in the immaculate state of your properties. When you hire a regular, or one-off Office Cleaning with Bucklands Cleaning Service, our office cleaning Auckland crew go beyond a simple dust and vacuum, we ensure your workspaces are sanitised and deep cleaned to the highest standard.

Bucklands Cleaning Services doesn’t just clean your office, we also clean shopping centres, residential spaces, and more – and we are professional New Build Cleaners.

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What’s Involved With Office Cleaning?

Each Commercial Cleaning Auckland project comes with a particular set of requirements. We encourage you to get in touch for a quick chat so we can make sure your quote is precise.

Each Commercial Cleaner Auckland job comes with specific needs – get in touch to discuss cleaning for your office cleaners Auckland booking now.

General Office Cleaning

Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and buffing – this includes getting underneath desks, chairs and all other office furniture. Dusting all surfaces, may include a sanitising spray and wipe where appropriate. Detailed kitchen and bathroom washing, this includes handles, taps and mirrors – plus negotiable extras. Rubbish removal and potential wash down of rubbish containers.

Specialised Tasks

We can tailor your Office Cleaning Auckland job to your specific needs, we may: Remove marks from walls, doors, and floors. Remove cobwebs from corners. Degrease ovens. Undertake deep sanitation tasks. Remove or cover graffiti. Report infestations, breakages or required maintenance tasks.

Deep Cleaning

Commercial premises are often high traffic areas, this means they require regular deep cleaning in order to keep hygiene standards high.
Chat With Bucklands Cleaning Services About Having
All glass, doors, windows, and mirrors cleaned and polished.Bathroom fixtures and fittings, chrome polishing, and kitchen appliances detailed. Tiles and all flooring including staircases and elevators, scrubbed, vacuumed, buffed and mopped.All woodwork, metal surfaces, appliances, handrails and bannisters polished.Ventilation ducts, heat pumps, and radiators cleared and cleaned. Dust and finger marks shifted from skirting boards, cupboards, draws, shelving, doors, light switches, electrical points, handles, hinges, ceilings, doorframes, walls.

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